The Kitchen

This space was my #1 goal the minute we moved in. It is massive. A beautiful picture window facing a mountain and meadow, an oversized sliding door that takes up another entire wall. A 6′ kitchen island! Room for a nice gathering. Cosmetically it just needed updating. Of course I feel like my projects will always be never-ending but here is what we’ve done so far!


Took this pic before we had the keys to the place as I peeked in the window. lol!


This was the day we moved in!


currently…still (and maybe always) in progress!34779972_10155817491938661_7849390897690050560_n

Another current view!

The cabinets I painted with Fusion Mineral Paint and the color is midnight blue. The backspash tiles were painted with the same paint in the color Casement. The tiles were porous already so the paint just soaked right into them and the total process to paint them was about 30 minutes!

I looked EVERYWHERE for copper pulls that 1.) weren’t bright copper but more of an antiqued copper and 2.) were less than $10-20 each! I ended up giving up and buying cheap stainless steel pulls on amazon and using Rustoleum’s Aged Copper and spray painting each one! They turned out exactly the color I was wanting.

The faucet I found on Overstock, rug from Wayfair (should I add another rug? possibly)

Floors are a brand new product from Johnson Hardwood Flooring. Its a luxury vinyl product from the Farmhouse Manor collection and the color is ‘Monticello’.

If I am 100% honest I think the entire look that came together is a bit more ‘modern’ than I was originally planning, but its totally unique and I like that.

Happy to answer any other questions about the process! Like I said it is never-ending, I still have the opposite side of the kitchen, around the dining table, need to finish the new island lights, and etc etc. but we are loving it so far!

After: White Beauty

So… we are far from done with the outside but the house is now WHITE and crisp and clean! Thank goodness it didn’t end up looking pink at all like I had feared! We are trying to decide if we should put shutters back up, not sure. Black? Cedar? None? What do you think?



Here’s another before and after of the exterior for fun. Amazing how the place changes! I just love the simple, classic look. We plan to move around the exterior doors a bit in the future too just to make a nice big entrance!



Crazy, huh? I’d love to say I’m done with painting for awhile but unfortunately we still have a garage and barn to paint!  Oh, and not to mention every inch of the interior as well! Zzzzzzzz…..Wish us luck!


Before: The Pastel Farmhouse.


Current Situation:

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 12.36.21 PM.png

Oh farmhouse how I adore you just as you are.  I promise!  You’re just so….pastel.

Lets enhance you a bit, shall we?

Step 1. Eliminate the green & pink. I know someone at some point had plans just as I do for this house and their dream was a pastel victorian style beauty. Although the colors are sweet, its not my style. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for the perfect new creative palette and every single time the winner is classic white. And for the barn? Red of course. Not too creative or trendy but I really want it to be classic and similar to what it probably was way back when. I mean, just look at this example I found on Pinterest. It just takes your breath away! Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 12.33.39 PM.png

So white it is. And I think with the brownish/reddish(?) roof we can do black shutters. Maybe cedar. More on that later.

FYI, choosing white paint is HARD! I failed to research beforehand and went into Lowes (an hour and a half from where we live, so not a quick trip back and forth) planning to just stroll up and get ‘white’ and call it a day. One hundred choices later, I settled (and I DO mean settled because my eyes were getting burnt from the brightness of staring at white paint cards for 45 minutes) on the color “Marshmallow” from the HGTV Home Line. I really had no idea if this is “it”, but again after 45 minutes and my husband and the kids breathing down my neck to leave, its what we ended up with.

When I got home I did a little more research on the color I chose and I think it’s gonna work nicely (hopefully because we bought 10 gallons..). Its not bright white but a nice medium white. It has a red undertone which I really didn’t want, so we’ll see if that shows up when its on the house!

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 12.42.44 PM

So, here we go. Stay tuned for the update!




Trust Me We’re Qualified.


I grew up in the middle of nowhere…a tiny Southwestern Colorado town 2 hours from the nearest stoplight. Was I country kid? I guess… if the only requirement for that is physically growing up in the country and knowing all the words to Randy Travis’ latest album. We did live on a ‘ranch’ that belonged to my grandfather but I never had anything to do with any of the happenings out there other than sometimes playing in the stacks of hay bales when we weren’t supposed to. Getting Dirty? 99% no. Animals? No thanks. The only time in my life I’ve ever been on a horse (besides the photographic evidence on this post) was with my friend Val when we decided we’d take her horse for a ride from her house down main street and a few miles past that to my house. And back. Oh and her grandpa had a pony or a donkey that stepped on me once.  Another friend and I cut through a field a time or two to get home faster and we were chased by a bull.  That makes me sound country, right? Just trying to give you an idea of my extensive qualifications for owning/running a farm.

And as for Brett, he actually did spend a lot of time on his grandparents farm in wide-open-spaces Oklahoma when he was a kid. Apparently there were sheep and chickens in the vicinity (still searching for picture proof). So, again, we are a totally qualified team.

I still have no plans of getting a horse, but I will never say never around here.  Especially because our 11-year old daughter actually seems to be the only one of us who may have actually been born to be a farmer. If she had any input, we’d have a few of each animal, literally like Noah.

The What! Yay!


Wow! Here we finally are in this reality of owning this amazing property that was not too long ago just a silly, unobtainable dream. No really… I laughed at myself, and anyone I was brave enough to mention it to laughed with me. It was probably a bit of boredom mixed with my seemingly never-ending daydreaming that led me to pursue this place for real. My sweet husband was he first to roll his eyes/brush me off the first dozen times I’d sheepishly bring up the idea of buying this place. Then “Well, of COURSE it would be awesome, but theres no way.” Well, challenge was accepted at that point.

Fast forward through almost six months of indescribable stress and thousands of prayers (and headaches and sleepless nights, thanks realtor Suzan for sticking with us!) and this beautiful spot is all ours. I don’t know what God has in store for us here, perhaps he just wants a little comedic entertainment as we learn what the heck we’re doing. Whatever the reason, we plan to do our best to glorify Him in our plans.  And boy do we have plans! The house, the river, the land, every inch of it.

This place is on 40 acres just a few miles outside of our cute little town in NW Colorado. It’s made up of hay fields, plenty of room for our current and future (yay!) farm animals, a beautiful stretch of the beautiful White River, and the house itself was originally built in 1889. Can you say authentic farmhouse dream? We definitely have a lot of work ahead of us, but theres no turning back now!

I’m so excited to share this adventure of ours in writing in hopes it’ll bring laughter and memories to our kids some day down the line, and maybe entertainment to whomever else decides to follow along 🙂