The What! Yay!


Wow! Here we finally are in this reality of owning this amazing property that was not too long ago just a silly, unobtainable dream. No really… I laughed at myself, and anyone I was brave enough to mention it to laughed with me. It was probably a bit of boredom mixed with my seemingly never-ending daydreaming that led me to pursue this place for real. My sweet husband was he first to roll his eyes/brush me off the first dozen times I’d sheepishly bring up the idea of buying this place. Then “Well, of COURSE it would be awesome, but theres no way.” Well, challenge was accepted at that point.

Fast forward through almost six months of indescribable stress and thousands of prayers (and headaches and sleepless nights, thanks realtor Suzan for sticking with us!) and this beautiful spot is all ours. I don’t know what God has in store for us here, perhaps he just wants a little comedic entertainment as we learn what the heck we’re doing. Whatever the reason, we plan to do our best to glorify Him in our plans.  And boy do we have plans! The house, the river, the land, every inch of it.

This place is on 40 acres just a few miles outside of our cute little town in NW Colorado. It’s made up of hay fields, plenty of room for our current and future (yay!) farm animals, a beautiful stretch of the beautiful White River, and the house itself was originally built in 1889. Can you say authentic farmhouse dream? We definitely have a lot of work ahead of us, but theres no turning back now!

I’m so excited to share this adventure of ours in writing in hopes it’ll bring laughter and memories to our kids some day down the line, and maybe entertainment to whomever else decides to follow along 🙂


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